Ranunculus Corms - Amandine Pastel Pink

Ranunculus Corms - Amandine Pastel Pink

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The Amadine varieties are known for their vigor and tolerance of warmer climates.

*Corms are sold in sets of 5. The price reflects the cost for 5 of the same color. Corms are available until supplies last.



Variety: Corm

Planting Season: Because of our cold winters, ranunculus need to be planted in the early spring.

Planting: Ranunculus require a unique and more in-depth planting process so please refer to the instruction sheet that will be included in your order.* or check out our resources page here!



Note that corms will ship out weather permitting! Corms cannot freeze due to their delicate nature.

If you would rather pick up your order here at Lily Stone Gardens, we have that option available as well. You will get a confirmation email once your order is ready for pick up. If you are choosing to pick up your order, please choose 'local pick-up' as the shipping option during the checkout process.


*Due to the unique growing requirements of corms, Lily Stone Gardens does not accept any liability for unsuccessful growing results.