Lily Stone Gardens Flower U-Pick

Our flower U-Pick remains one of our most loved experiences here at Lily Stone Gardens. In 2023, we opened up our gardens at the beginning of July and were fortunate enough to continue our U-Pick well into September due to a late first frost in fall. Over the course of almost 3 months, we welcomed an astounding number of both returning and first-time guests into our flower farm garden. While the season is always short here in Zone 3, it is too beautiful to miss. 

For the first time, we offered an on-site Courtyard Cafe, serving up lunch options, snacks, baking, and drinks. This has been something that we've been working towards for a while now and were delighted to see it come to fruition. We also know how good a cold drink can be after coming up out of the garden!

As a team, we would like to send a warm and sincere thank-you to all of our outstanding 2023 U-Pick guests who joined us in the garden this season and embraced all of the beauty that Mother Nature has to offer alongside with us. It is truly a joy to see you connecting with friends and family amongst our rows of flowers. We hope to see you again in 2024!


Join our team in our cut flower gardens and stroll amongst rows of flowers, cut your own bouquet to take home with you, and enjoy all the beauty that nature has to offer us. Clippers and a jug will be provided for you to use for the duration of your U-Pick session. Following your U-Pick, head up to the Shop where your freshly picked bouquet will be wrapped up for you!

Please note that U-Pick sessions are available by appointment only. The Lily Stone Gardens flower farm gardens are not open to the public outside of the pre-booked U-Pick hours. Thank you for understanding and respecting this operational constraint.

Bookings for the 2024 U-Pick season will open up closer to the summer season, generally sometime in the month of June. To stay up to date with all U-Pick news and updates, you can follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook, and be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter. All bookings are conducted through our online store where you will be able to view all of the available dates and time slots.

Updated U-Pick costs are determined each year. In 2023, our classic U-Pick was $35 per person plus taxes. A deposit is paid at the time of booking to reserve your spot. The remaining balance is paid at the end of your U-Pick session. A garden entrance fee is applicable for individuals attending U-Pick but who are not picking flowers. Children under 12 years old who are attending U-Pick but are not cutting flowers can attend at no cost when accompanied by a participating adult.

Gift cards for the Lily Stone Gardens Shop are available online and in-store that can be used towards the U-Pick balances. This is often a popular idea for a holiday or birthday gift!


For Hot & Sunny Weather: Sunscreen, sunhat, sunglasses, water bottle, change of shoes etc.

For Cold or Rainy Weather: Rain gear, jacket, rubber boots, change of shoes etc.

If It Has Just Finished Raining: Rubber boots (seriously) and a change of shoes.

General Good Practices: Bug spray (those darn mosquitos!), a water bottle, proper footwear for uneven terrain and potential mud, a clean change of shoes if you plan to enter the venue for the Courtyard Cafe (there is no mud allowed in the venue).

You are welcome to bring your own garden clippers or garden gloves if you would like to use them during your visit, but this is not required.

Main Message: Dress for the weather so that you can participate comfortably (rain or shine) & be ready for some fun! 


We are offer time blocks by the hour for you to book the garden for private sessions for your clients on select dates. If this interests you please email to inquire and one of our team members will be in touch.


We are located approximately 45 minutes southwest of Winnipeg, just outside of Rosenort, MB. Click HERE for a map of our two locations - The Lily Stone Gardens farm property and the Lily Stone Cafe.


Our flower farm field is only open to guests during U-Pick hours as indicated on our booking calendar. At any other time, our flower field is a private workspace.

Outside of U-Pick hours, Lily Stone Gardens is a fully operational flower farm, where we must keep on top of maintenance, our own harvesting, and other important farm procedures that require our full focus. 

We do not permit guests to walk through the garden outside of U-Pick hours, as staff must be present to ensure the safety of all persons. If you hope to visit the garden, your visit must be pre-booked during our many available time slots.


Our event venue is only open to the public during U-Pick hours as indicated on our booking calendar. At any other time, our event venue is a private workspace where we conduct meetings, workshops, and host weddings.

There will be a select area for Courtyard Cafe seating and dining if you chose to enjoy refreshments while you are here, as well as in our outdoor courtyard next to the flower shop!

If you are looking for a guided venue tour for planning a wedding or event, please complete our venue inquiry form by clicking HERE. All venue tours MUST be coordinated in advance with our team.


You are welcome to bring a stroller, wheelchair, or other mobility aids down to the garden. Please note that due to the way we plant many of our rows close together, it may be tricky to maneuver strollers or mobility aids in certain areas of the garden. You may still be able to pick from the edges of the rows if you require these items to stay close by. The ground may be uneven or rough in areas and may be muddy after rainfall. Please keep this in mind when you are planning your visit to plan accordingly.

If the garden U-Pick is not the best match for you, don't worry. We suggest giving our indoor Stem Bar a try! A nice selection of garden-fresh flowers are set up inside the Shop for you to make your own bouquet from Tuesday to Saturday each week. 


Safety is at the forefront of our minds here at Lily Stone when it comes to hosting you on the farm. With this in mind, small children MUST be accompanied at arm's length by an adult at all times.  Lily Stone Gardens is a fully operational flower farm; there is rough ground, potential tripping hazards, and two large irrigation ponds nearby. Some flowers are not suitable to be consumed or nibbled on. Children cannot be left to wander on their own at any time whatsoever.


We ask that you leave your pets at home while you attend Lily Stone Gardens for U-Pick or the Courtyard Cafe. Licenced service animals are permitted. 


Flowers should never be ingested. Children and pets should be supervised around plant material to ensure that no plant matter is ingested. U-Pick participants should practice good hand hygiene and wash their hands after handling plant material in the garden to minimize any risk of skin irritation.

Food items in the Lily Stone Courtyard Cafe are prepared in a facility where common allergens are present, including but not limited to gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts, other tree nuts, etc.


Lily Stone Gardens and Cafe is not held liable for any injuries, damages, and/or loss of personal property that may occur during your visit. 


U-Pick reservation fees are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend your timeslot, you are welcome to review the booking calendar to reschedule your visit, if timeslots are available for your group size. You are welcome to have a friend or family member come in your place.

Our U-Pick will run rain or shine, so please ensure that your group dresses according to the weather conditions. 

In the event of severe weather, such as thunderstorms or severe rainfall, where we make the decision to cancel the u-pick booking, Lily Stone Gardens will refund your deposit amount to the original purchaser. You are then welcome to rebook another timeslot if you wish via the online booking system.


We ask that you treat our property with care and respect as it is our home as well! We ask that you extend this care and respect towards our farm animals, our staff, and your fellow guests as well to ensure a positive experience for all.


If any questions arise regarding our U-Pick or Courtyard Cafe, please give us a call at the Lily Stone Gardens Shop - 1 (204) 712 - 6678