Snapdragon - Costa Mix Seed

Snapdragon - Costa Mix Seed

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A sturdy, tall snapdragon with large ruffled flower buds up the stem. They bloom in spring and early summer, often coming back to life in the cool of the fall. Includes a mix of shades including but not limited to rose, silver (very light pink), white, velvet (burgundy), and apricot.

Approximate Seeds per Packet: approx. 30

Variety/Hardiness: Annual. Group 2 snapdragon.

Sunlight: Full sun, with some tolerance of part shade in the high heat of summer

Mature Height: 26"- 36"

Germination: 7-14 days at 21–24°C. Do not cover seed with soil; light is required for germination.


Transplant (recommended): Sow indoors 8-10 weeks before the last frost date. A fine layer of vermiculite can be spread over top of the tray to maintain moisture, if desired. Bottom water or mist to avoid displacing soil.

Direct Seeding: Not recommended

Care: Pinching plants encourages branching but does delay blooming. Pinch when plants have 4-6 sets of mature leaves. For earlier blooms, do not pinch. You can use horizontal netting to promote straight stems, especially in windy locations.


Fresh: Snapdragon flowers open from the bottom up. When harvesting, choose spikes that have the lower 1/3 to 1/2 of blooms open. The rest of the blooms will continue to open after harvesting. Adding flower preservative in their water will prolong their vase life.

Dried: Does not tend to dry well.

Tip: Snapdragons are geotropic, meaning that gravity affects the shape of their stems. For example, snaps that get blown over in the garden will develop curvy stems as the plant attempts to continue growing against gravity. Snaps will often rebloom in the cool autumn weather as well.