Sunflower - Pro Cut Gold Lite DMR Seed

Sunflower - Pro Cut Gold Lite DMR Seed

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This is a florist-quality sunflower with cheerful gold petals and a yellow center. The Pro Cut series are single-stem sunflowers that mature quickly (65 days to maturity) and are pollenless, meaning they will not shed all over your table. This variety is downy mildew resistant (DMR) as well, helping add to its vigor in the late-season garden.

Approximate Seeds per Packet: 25

Variety/Hardiness: Annual

Sunlight: Full Sun

Mature Height: 62″ - 80"

Germination: 7-14 days at 21-24°C


Transplant: Sunflowers dislike root disturbance. If planting for an early crop of sunflowers, start indoors 2-3 weeks prior to planting out.

Direct Seeding (recommended): Direct seed after all threats of frost have passed, 1/2" deep. 

Care: Do not pinch. This is a single-stem variety, so pinching will result in low-quality or no blooming at all. Succession-sow every 1-2 weeks for a longer harvest period.


Fresh: Flowers are ready to be cut when the petals are just starting to unfurl.

Dried: Not a common dried flower.