Nigella - Albion Black Pod White Flowering Seed

Nigella - Albion Black Pod White Flowering Seed

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Nigella blooms in early summer with beautiful white petals and contrasting burgundy centers. As the petals fall back they leave a unique plum/black seed pod on a spindly stem to add texture to your arrangements! Nigella will also reseed itself in the fall.

Approximate Seeds per Packet: 100

Variety/Hardiness: Annual

Sunlight: Full sun

Mature Height: 12” - 24"

Germination: 10-14 days at 16-18°C


Transplant: Not recommended. Plants are sensitive to root disturbance.

Direct Seeding (recommended): Nigella does not like to be transplanted but loves the cool of early spring. Direct seed early spring. Cover lightly with soil as light is required for germination.

Care: No special care is required.


Fresh: Cut blooms when the flower is open but not spent. Adding flower preservative to their water will prolong their vase life.

Dried: Don’t hesitate to cut the pods for décor as well! Harvest pods when pods and stems are firm to the touch.

Note: Nigella may reseed itself from year to year.